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Animal Hygiene
Bio‐X® / Biovectrol® as the multi‐function solution, as Insecticide, it kills the flea, ticks & mites, as Deodorizer, it removes the bad odour from the furs or bodies and as Disinfectant, it heals the body wound. Test has shown that It does not irritate the animals be it mammal or avian.

It is known that most of the pandemic originated from mammal or avian; the swine flu and the bird flu are the 2 most recent examples.

We believe our products are effective against those viruses but remain to be tested as the process is costly. With the right funding, budget can then be allocated for r&d, verification and certification process.

Nevertheless, as it is, it has been tested effective against some major animal viruses affecting cattle, poultry and swine.
Biovectrol® 10EW
  Biovectrol® 10EW is a new concept; eco-friendly insecticide based on a unique active ingredient Etofenprox®1 and certain natural botanical extracts specially designed for vector control.
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Biovectrol® 20EW
  Biovectrol® 20EW, with its excellent efficacy and high repellence, offers vital role in rapid and effective control of vector-borne diseases. This new potent organic vector control formula exterminates mosquitoes and biting insects.
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Biovectrol® 20EM
  Biovectrol® 20EM is a new concept; environmental and eco-friendly water emulsifiable insecticidal formulations based on a unique active ingredient Etofenprox®1, a high efficacy and extremely safe insecticide and proprietary blends of certain botanical extracts as carrier and synergist.
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Bio-X® d'Bug
  Bio-X® is a safe and effective formulation for total control and treatment of flea, tick and mite infestations on your pets.
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